History and culture-4


HISTORY-It is called princely state, which was called Punjab province. 

MYTHOLOGY STORY- It was called Kurukshetra region of India. This state exsisted from 7th century CE where king Harshavardhana established his capital. 

-It was ruled by pratiharas, then by chauhans and then by Muslims finally by Britishers. 

CULTURE- Haryani culture prevails all through the state. Rich culture prevails all through. People of Haryana are friendly, traditional and religious. 

Festivals celebrated- Lohri, baisakshi, teej, gangore and gugga naumi are popularly celebrated. 

Fairs held- Haryana day, Pinjore heritage festivals are celebrated. 

Music form- Carnatic, Hindustani, foelh baul ghazal, Sufi are popular. 

Dance forms- Dhamal, loor, gugga dance, phag are popular. 

Traditional instruments- Bansuri, shehnai, sarangi, iktara are used. 

Knowing Haryana history and travelling to feel Haryana culture is a part of trafelling. Haryana is a beautiful state filled with rich culture, traditions and customs and a must see state too.




PUNJAB- Punj means five and Aab means water. It is a land of 5 rivers. Punjab is a land of rich culture, traditions and enjoyment. Let’s start with

HISTORY- This state exsist from Harappa, Mohenjadaro time. There has been human inhabitatiln from 3000bc. Aryans are the first rulers of Punjab, followed by Persians, Muslims Sikhs , Marathas and finally by Britishers. 

CULTURE- Punjabi culture prevails all through the state. People of punjab are warm hearted and very friendly. Punjabi, Urdu, Hindi and Persian are languages spoken. Punjab is a state filled with very rich culture and tradition. 

– DANCE FORMS- Bhangra, jaago, kikli, Gatka, jhumar are popularly danced during weddings, festivals and functions.

-TRADITIONAL INSTRUMENT- Dhol is the popular traditional instrument which is accompanied for wedding, festivals.

-MUSIC FORMS- Punjabi and Sufi music are popular. There are separate songs for weddings. Punjabi pop is very popular.

-FESTIVALS- Lohri, Teeyan, Baisakhi, Maghi are popular festivals celebrated. Jor mela, Basant kili festival, patiala heritage festival, rupnagar festival, Amritsar festival and Hari Vallabh festival are popular.

Punjab is filled with rich traditions culture and customs. Knowing history and culture and travelling to Punjab makes travel enjoyable and peaceful.


History and culture-2🌹


HISTORY🙏- This state was established in the year 1948 and it is called the 18th largest state of India. This state is called Devbhoomi. There are numerous pilgrimage centres and temples to see. There has been a mention of this state in Vedas, Mahabharatha and Ramayana. kols are the frost inhabitants of the state. Aryan dynasty are the original rulers, followed by Mauryan, then by Guptas, Rajputs and then by Muslims and finally by Britishers. 

CULTURE🙏- Himachal culture prevails all through the state. People of Himachal Pradesh are very warm hearted and friendly. Hindi, Punjabi, pahari, Dogri are common languages spoken all over Himachal. Jhoori, samskara and Ainchaliyan are popular music forms of Himachal. Chhan dance, Kullu Nagi, Chanakya dance are dance forms of Himachal. Kullu Dussehra, Shivaratri are popular festivals celebrated while, Renuka fair, Holi fair, Naina Devi fair, Kamakhya temple fair are popular fairs celebrated. 

Culture and history are the heritage of a state in India. There are many travellers who travel to know, the history and culture of a place. Himachal Pradesh is one such state, where a travellers is assured of great knowledge and great peace. 😃



JAMMU AND KASHMIR- After knowing lovely, lipsmacking food, let’s shift to HISTORY AND CULTURE of north India states-Jammu and Kashmir, Himachal Pradesh, Punjab and Haryana.   Every state has a history of its own which are the rich traditions of India. 

HISTORY-It was found by Raja jamboolchan in 14th century. 

Kashmir means desiccated land. Ka means water and shimeera means desiccate. 

There is a belief that the king once when was hunting reached Tawi river where both goat and lion were drinking safe from the same lake. So he named the place as Jamboo. 

The rulers of Kashmir-Mauryas, Huna, Gonandiya, Utpala, divira, Lohara are the rulers then it was ruled by Muslims and Britishers. 

CULTURE- A blend of Northeast south Asian and central Asian culture is seen. 

Kashmir- They are popularly called kashmiriyat. Koshur language is popularly spoken. Wavun, rouff are popular dance form of Kashmir. Navarathri, lohri, Diwali, Janmashtami, Eid, Bahauddin, navroz festival, shab-i-Meeraj festivals are popularly celebrated. Khichri Amavasya is the local, monthly festival celebrated. 

Jammu- Dogra culture prevails all through the state. Hindi, Punjabi are the languages spoken all over Jammu. People of Jammu are friendly very warm hearted and traditional too. Gujjars form the major part of Jammu. Buddha Jayanthi, Mahavir Jayanthi, navroz, guruvaridas birthday are popular festivals celebrated. Baisakhi, Hems festival, Jhiri mela, Baji mela, saffron festival, urs, are some popular fairs celebrated. 

A paradise in India is called Jammu and Kashmir. Beautiful, nature bound, Gods creation, bountifulness, beauty is how  Jammu and Kashmir is called. A lovely place, filled with culture and traditions, a state that contains centuries, rich history to know. Knowing the history, culture and travelling is a direct experience all together.